Clients are quick to endorse Evolve’s methods and strategies. These organizations have found that by placing greater focus on their core, they are able to enhance and sustain their competitive advantage and address challenges that arise.

Test. - Shaver, Tom

“Evolves expertise and systems have enabled our organization to access data that is difficult to obtain. This has greatly assisted our effort to prioritize and address a number of key business objectives.”

Tom ShaverTest. - Ad Astra
Ad Astra Information Systems


Test. - Stanley, Kay

“We grew from 1 employee to 250 employees in less than 7 years and it was a wild ride! I am very appreciative that Shane and his team were there to assist us with all aspects of our Human Resources throughout this period of rapid growth.”

Test. - K & Comp.
Kay Stanley
K & Company


Test. - Copeland, Justin

“Evolve works hard to understand our needs and culture and what we desire to accomplish. As a result, they are incredibly efficient–they don’t waste time with off-target candidates. We are only looking for high-end experts with attitude and enthusiasm and Evolve knows how to find and screen those individuals.”

Justin CopelandTest. - Triggerfish
Triggerfish Corporation


Test. - Botchway, Alfred

“When we started the company in 2006, I could only imagine that we would grow so rapidly. So pleased that Shane and his team were there to assist us with every human resource and compliance challenge that came our way during those early years.”

Alfred BotchwayTest. - Xeno


“Evolve has helped us to gain a better understanding of our employees. The insight helped us to determine the necessary steps to take to strengthen our organization in an ever-changing marketplace.”

Steve Wolff
                                                                                      Interior Resources, Inc.


Test. - Weir, Jim

“Our expertise is Workers Compensation. Evolve’s expertise is screening and selection, they are experts at talent acquisition. They know how to build the tools that enable the workforce to achieve maximum teamwork and productivity.”

Test. - CompAlliance

Jim Weir


Test. - Riley, Todd

“I have a large organization and am frequently trying to juggle a number of balls while keeping an even greater number of plates spinning simultaneously. The team at Evolve has helped to simplify my life on more than one occasion.”

Todd Riley
Big 3 Precision Projects


Test. - Lammers, Mike

“Evolve understands the importance of getting every player in the right seat on the bus. They have the resources and tools to enable it to happen”

Mike LammersTest. - Tricension


Test. - Milburn, Keith

“As a 3PL service provider ourselves, we understand that there are business functions that are best performed by external resources. Shane and his team understand the impact that each individual can have on productivity and are committed to being a resource that can assist an organization to maximize its opportunities.”

KeTest. - IFSith Milburn
Innovative Fulfillment Solutions


Test. - Stevenson, John

“Evolve brings a passion and the ability to match the right person with the right firm. They work hard to get to know both the employer and the prospective employee to make sure that all aspects of a potential relationship are carefully evaluated”

John StevensonTest. - Client Kudos
Client Kudos