After completion of the Internal Anonymous Survey process you will have access to multiple reports that will be similar to the report above. To see additional samples, please click here.

“Business units with employee engagement scores in the top half compared to those in the bottom half reported 86% higher customer ratings, and 50% higher productivity.”

Coffman and Gonzalez-Molina, “Follow This Path”, 2004

For companies looking to recruit and retain the best talent possible, employee surveys can play a big part. Employee surveys help company leadership understand the impact of existing policies and identify areas for improvement. Whether a company is interested in motivating and engaging employees, offering competitive benefits, or measuring everyone’s performance, HR surveys can help. With survey results in hand, company leadership will be able to see what’s working, what’s not, and track improvements over time.

Stop guessing, and ask employees if they’re happy on the job. Use Internal Anonymous surveys to check in with employees about their satisfaction with their roles and responsibilities, the work environment, and their experiences with management. Find out what mix of benefits matters most to them, and what skills they wish to acquire as they develop their careers.

Four More Reasons to Measure Employee Satisfaction:

  • Management development. Managers directly affect employees, and sometimes their impact is less than positive. Often strained manager-employee situations can be improved with good training. Use employee feedback from the Internal Anonymous Survey – L5L, Strategic Operations Review and Core Values Exercise to identify development opportunities for specific managers or for your broader management team.
  • Team development. Great teams do great things! Broken teams perform poorly and prompt departures. Ask employees to assess their teams’ performance and use that feedback to develop core team collaboration and communication skills for greater work satisfaction.
  • Training and career development programs. As employees develop and gain greater skills, they can help grow and evolve your company. Figure out what capabilities your company needs to achieve its long-term goals, survey employees to find out which skills they want to develop, and then match the two for optimum benefit.
  • Benefits programs. Yours may be an outstanding healthcare program, and your employees appreciate that. But day-to-day, what kinds of programs could you add that would support employees’ health, well-being, and productivity in the workplace? HR departments should employ surveys to find out.