Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders frequently share a desire to earn as much as possible with the least effort. To a lesser degree, most members of an organization’s workforce will share this same desire creating a variety of conflicting interests. It is a common occurrence for members of a team to become too comfortable or familiar with the status quo. Many individuals are not driven or excited about growth and this is partly due to the fact that their compensation is not directly tied to growth.

Sharing in the rewards is only one aspect of the solution, as all individuals are not going to have the same level of drive and some will lack work ethic, and or an understanding of the strategic drive. Without goal alignment from the top to bottom of an organization, it is easy for circumstances to develop where a dedicated few are carrying the load for those who might have checked out for any number of reasons. Technology has created many challenges as it relates to productivity as it brings infinite distractions to those employees that might lack drive or do not receive clarity of direction.

Why Your Employees Probably Do Nothing All Day

“It’s not so much that they are impacting productivity, but there is something else missing. There is no passion, no drive, and no willingness to jump into anything. The good news is that if you can determine why your employee has checked-out, you have a better chance at fixing things before it’s too late.”

What’s the cost of having unproductive employees?

“Many employees reported that they went to work and only put in 50 per cent or less effort on a daily basis, which is known as presenteeism — at work but not being productive”

The Effects of an Unproductive Workplace

“One of the key ingredients in any business’s growth is a workforce committed to its success. A company’s survival is jeopardized once that focus dissipates, whether it occurs through lack of long-term planning, poor communication or an unwillingness to discipline.”

These Employees Are Stealing from Your Organization

We love asking the leaders we work with, “How much can an employee steal from your organization before they get fired?” The response is almost always, “If an employee steals, they’re fired immediately.” And yet, most of these leaders continue to employ disengaged employees who are “stealing” valuable time and resources.

How Much Time Do Employees Spend on Social Media?

The traditional work-year clocks in at 2,080 hours, or 260 work days annually. Suppose your employees spent 10 minutes each work day Tweeting or checking Facebook when they should be working? That comes to 2,600 minutes a year — over 43 work-hours, down the drain. Now multiply that amount by the number of employees working at your organization.

Are Your Employees Watching Porn At Work?

Here’s a statistic that’s going to shock business owners. We hope you’re sitting down for this because we were blown away when we first heard it. Did you know that 70 percent of all online porn access happens during business hours?

Find out how many employees are watching porn on company time

The just-released survey revealed that some of the most frequent porn viewers at work consists of men between ages 31 to 49 or men making over $75,000, with three-fourths of both of those groups admitting to watch porn at work. Nearly one-half (46%) of women between 31 and 49 are also watching porn at work