The Real Question

What would you do if we told you we could help you to identify all of your top performers? What if we could tell you how to incentivize them to increase your competitive advantage?

Our tools assist organizations in maximizing their potential by obtaining alignment, accountability, and direction. This enables companies to measure talent, invest in it, and reap the benefits of greater engagement.

The question remains: Can you afford not to?

Why Evolve?

Who are your difference makers? Will they be around for the long haul? The average workplace tenure for workers under the age of 55 is 2.8 years. While acquiring and retaining difference-making talent should be top priority, this initiative is rarely given the resources needed to maximize the organization’s potential. Studies have shown that a happy work force improves productivity 7%-12%.

Evolve focuses on 3 key strategies for success: People, Process, and Profit.

  1. Is your team capable of taking you to the next level?
  2. Are your people in the right seats on the bus?
  3. Are you reaping the benefits of happy, productive employees?

How Do You Evolve?

It could be as easy as jumping on the Path to Alignment. Others choose to focus on one area of improvement. Either way, you can’t manage what you can’t measure, and Evolve wanted to automate the tools to enable employees to maximize their effectiveness and productivity. The benefit of an automated survey was 3-fold: anonymity produced truthful feedback, cost effectiveness, and a quick turn-around for results.

What If You Wanted to Go One Step Further?

It became clear that people were hungry for more, so we gathered our advisors to explore what else could be done. The greatest needs were identified, and tools were developed and automated to enable greater accountability. It takes a commitment, but the return on investment is exponential and the results can be transformational.

Who Are We?

During a rain delay at a Kansas City Royals game, an a-ha moment came to 3 entrepreneurs who had been discussing something they shared a passion for: how did the most successful businesses engage their employees to optimize productivity, retain balance, and increase revenues?

They saw a need for tools to help employers gauge employee satisfaction and productivity. Their shared passion and vision for HR led them to create Evolve. Together, they set out with a mission to understand why good employees were leaving and how employers could keep them.