You’ve built your company from the ground up. You’ve guided an enterprise through a risky transition. You’ve already made a mark, but you’re seeking more: A bigger impact. A trusted peer group. A stronger foundation. New wisdom. Inspiration.

Small business owners, by the very nature of running a small business, don’t have the luxury of a big network of like-minded professionals. Everyone has their own niche, interests, or business plan—so where can you turn for advice, feedback, and even commiseration?

Industry Forum Group members build relationships of value, and share experiences and best practices with 10-12 other service leaders in a non-geographical competing market. Through willingness to share within a confidential environment and dedication to goal execution and accountability, Evolve’s members have succeeded in ways that were not otherwise possible without the collective wisdom of industry peers.  Members face the same issues, ask the same questions, and face the same problems. Tap into a wealth of knowledge to discover new ideas, receive constructive feedback, succeed in business, and more importantly, in life.

Forums can be a great way to fill the gaps of your knowledge, get or give expert advice, and learn from other experienced industry leaders. Apply Today!