Evolve brings together groups of executives from non-competing industries to meet on a regular basis for the purpose of brainstorming, problem solving, and sharing stories of challenge, opportunity and success. These confidential sessions serve as “external advisory boards” for personal and professional growth.

Held monthly, Forum meetings allow you to dig deep, personally and professionally, in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Moderator-trained advisers guide the sessions, which emphasize confidentiality, personal responsibility and lessons learned. Members don’t give advice; they speak from prior experience, letting you draw your own conclusions on how to best proceed. Evolve’s experienced advisers will work to get you in a Forum, and will ensure that you are placed with the right number and mix of business owners to avoid sharing the room with competitors.

You can join a Forum in our area as a member of Evolve. Apply Today!

“I have been in a Forum for 14 years, with primarily the same 10 guys. I attribute so much of Spanx’s success to the advice I’ve received from these brilliant business owners in the trusted, confidential format.”

– Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx