Evolve leverages technology to make getting started with a retained search for your company as easy as one, two, three.

Assuming, your company is offering a market competitive salary, the retained search process could flow as follows….

  1. Complete the Business Profile

The Business Profile will take less than five minutes to fill out and will provide Evolve insight as to where your company began, how it has grown and where it is headed.

  1. Complete the Position Guide

The Position Guide will take approximately fifteen minutes to fill out. This will provide Evolve all of the details that are needed to begin a retained search.

Once steps one and two have been completed, you can move on to step three to schedule your over-under review.

  1. Schedule Over-Under Review – Scheduling Link

Two weeks after the retained search has begun, an Over Under Review will be conducted.

During this meeting, you will be updated on where the retained search stands, preview a couple of candidates and have the opportunity to provide insight and feedback to ensure that the search remains on schedule.

At the end of the Over Under Review, you will have the opportunity to select dates and times to interview the finalists.

If the compensation and benefits package is found to be competitive, the search could be completed start to finish in as little as six weeks. If the compensation and benefits package is not deemed to be competitive, the search could take an additional four to six weeks.