Increase Productivity and boost morale.

Who are your difference makers? Will they be around for the long haul?

      • The average workplace tenure for workers under the age of 55 is 2.8 years.
      • Job turnover at an organization with happier workers is only 13.8%, whereas the probability of job turnover in companies with unhappy workers is 48.4%.
      • Raising people’s happiness at work makes them 7-12% more productive.

While acquiring and retaining difference-making talent should be top priority, this initiative is rarely given the resources needed to maximize the organization’s potential. By making this a priority, turnover will decrease and productivity and profits will increase. Evolve has the tools to help you easily identify and affirm top producers, enabling you to achieve a significant competitive advantage.

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Strengthen your organization for the long-term.

A company is only as strong as the time, talent, and energy of its workforce. Business leaders and HR professionals often lack access to tools that amplify and help retain their scarcest resource: human capital.

Companies have found that it is easier to utilize tools developed by Evolve than build from scratch. These tools assist organizations in maximizing their potential by obtaining alignment, accountability, and direction. This enables companies to measure talent, invest in it, and reap the benefits of greater engagement.

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